Bad Surface Extents Error

Crea tu 1º mapa para Counter Strike 1.6 Cap 3.1 (Problemas de Compilacion)

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Olemainthreadwndname Error I use a NT 4 machine with Adaptive-Server (with NID 1.2) and Netscape Enterprise 3. The machine crashes very often and I can’t it, due to a "OleMainThreadWndName. OleMainThreadWndName. The user removed the shares or somehow the share was corrupted.I shared the folder with one other person and the error. Gdm_slave_xioerror_handler Fatal X Error –

Nov 12, 2002. BAD SURFACE EXTENTS. I'm trying to play Counter Strike.When ever i join a server no matter what video mode its in, it begins to load.

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Bad surface extents means. Spawn_of_Chaos97 Join Date: 2006-11-21 Member: 58694 Members Posts: 192. I'm currently getting a "bad surface extents" error,

bad surface extents 16/579 at position (-24,388,380) like this: http://i42.tinypic. com/2j2ixrt.jpg the error comes when i try to connect to my map.

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Dear All, I have a AMD 1.2 Athlon, 256 DDR RAM, Voodoo 3/3000, Maxtor 20Gig ATA133 / 7400 RPM. I got this new drive because when I was playing.

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I'm having trouble with compiling anything at all. I'm currently getting a "bad surface extents" error, and the error checker I use has no idea what.

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Mar 3, 2016. Most often, the bad objects are surfaces, but bad curves also happen. The command will simply fail and you will get an error message. other way, you can also try this: Zoom extents, window select everything and use Hide.

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• AutoCAD 2017 – Added support for this new version. • IntelliCAD 8.2 – Added new Solids module with commands to create and process solids. Set paper size for.

Common Half-Life mapping problems & compile errors – Zoner's Half. – This error is always caused by vertex manipulation. There is no way to fix this error other than to delete the brush and recreate it. Bad Surface Extents.

[Archive] CS error – Bad surface extents. ? AMD Radeon Discussion and Support

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The error. surface is cleaned to avoid generating static discharges that may damage the equipment. Ouchi pops open the back of his computer (which normally requires only the removal of a few screws with a Phillips-head screwdriver).

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